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IT Governance

IT Governance as part of the Corporate Governance should ensure that the IT supports the corporate strategies and goals traceable, optimizes IT investments and operates an adequate risk and change management.

IT Service Management
deals with all processes of an IT-Organization, which support the achievements of the corporate business goals. Thereby, the IT Service Management covers all types of methodology and measurements to optimize all relevant IT-Processes.
deals with all processes of an IT-Organization

The three main objectives of Service Management are:

The relevant de facto standard is the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) whereby the basis for a systematical control and documentation of IT-Processes will be created and is the basis for a continuous improvement and optimization of IT-Processes. ITIL® is no binding standard but an independent guideline of Best Practice recommendations for a service oriented focus of the IT organization.

Maturity Assessment
Assessments have the task to evaluate the maturity of whole or particular strategies, cultures, structures, organizations, processes, resources, technologies, methods and/or employees and to provide information about the respective level of development „Maturity”.
Maturity Assessment

The goal is to identify strengths and weaknesses, to develop potentials and to improve these via target measures. Regular performed, it enables to measure the progress, to control and to compare.

Assessments are based on maturity models which are the base for the evaluation.
The high numbers of models distinguish primarily by the area of application and the criteria used for the evaluation.

International most well-known maturity models are, e.g.:

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®)
IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)
Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT®)
European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM®)

ISO/IEC 2000
The objective of the Norm ISO/IEC 2000 is to provide a common reference standard for all companies or units of a company which deliver IT-Services for internal or external customers.
It contains a control system that makes the implementation and compliance auditable and therewith objective verifiably and is in line with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®).

ISO/IEC 2000

Comparable with the ISO 9000 Certification, companies can be certified with accepted IT-Service-Management standards. A certification by ISO/IEC 20000 turns more and more out as beneficial because it underscores that the IT is service oriented, can deliver defined quality objectives for the provided services and uses all resources economically.

Official accredited certification offices are authorized to perform according audits and to grand certifications.

We assist you on the way to adapt IT-Services continuously to changing business requirements. We detect the status of your IT organization, visualize strengths and weaknesses, make derivations, identify optimization potentials and support you with the evaluation of suitable IT Governance „Tools”. It is important for us to keep the balance between actual standards and a practical structuring and future orientation for you.