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Reference Projects

Execution of a Lean Six Sigma Project
Reduction of wire scrap by systematic process quality improvement in conjunction with a reduction of rework- and downtime costs as well as a medium-term reduction of buffer stock.

Industry: Metal Processing, Duration: 5 Months

Implementation of an integrated IT-System for the corporate management
Development and implementation of corporate information systems and processes for the Project & Service Business within the European scope and the integration of all group companies.

Industry: Consultancy, Duration: 8 Months

Implementation of a global ERP-Solution
Implementation of an ERP-Solution in the German production facility of an US-based enterprise and in line with the global implementation and roll out strategy.

Industry: Metal Processing, Duration: 15 Months

Redesign and Rollout of a global IT-System
Redesign of the existing installation and rollout of the new "Templates" into 15 German sites of an international operating concern.

Industry: Food, Duration: 48 Months

Harmonization of ERP-Systems and Business Processes in Continental Europe
Harmonization of ERP-Systems and business processes in Continental Europe (5 Companies, 3 Countries) as basis for the future orientation and control of the company.

Industry: Food, Duration: 12 Months

Business Analysis
Benchmark of two corporate business units of an international operating group to increase efficiency and future orientated processes and IT systems within the risk management.

Industry: High Tech, Duration: 6 Months

Implementation of an Enterprise Software
Organizational and technical transition of two companies of an American group into one business unit in conjunction with the replacement of the legacy systems by the new group software and their integration into the corporate group.

Industry: Machinery, Duration: 36 Months

Development of an IT-Framework
Development of an IT-Framework to implement a multi-site software stepwise and in conjunction with the increase of flexibility and productivity in the area of administration and production.

Industry: Luxury Food, Duration: 7 Months

Translation of corporate objectives into process-oriented and technological strategies as well as improvement and optimization of the Information & Communication systems.

Industry: Building, Duration: 24 Months

Guarantee a demand driven IT operation and focusing the business processes on the future oriented requirements and challenges.

Industry: Machinery and plant manufacture, Duration: 24 Months

Team Leader Organization
Increase of the competitive ability and productivity by optimizing and coordinating the processes in all business areas.

Industry: Automotive Supplier, Duration: 48 Months