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Consulting Approach

Against the background of constant change and steadily growing competitive pressure, the companies are called for to respond faster and faster to new business requirements and to adapt the changes of the market with effectiveness and efficiency.

Therefore, a clear strategy is the alpha and omega to be successful in the long term.

Definition of Objectives
Requirement for an economic, efficient and lean organization, oriented to the customer, is the definition of goals on which the company and the people being involved in the process can be aligned and measured.

Process Capability
Process capability means to base business processes on defined goals and to achieve an increase of quality and productivity. Many projects fail because they assume unclear defined and inefficient processes and therefore only depict the status quo and/or they try to align processes on the guidelines of the IT.

Efficient processes are an important requirement for the success. Inefficient processes do not become more efficient with IT-support.

Production Factor Information
Nowadays, a major part of added value costs flows into the production factor information.
For the increase of the process quality, the company-wide IT-systems & processes have to be obligatorily included into the optimization considerations.

IT-systems have to be used appropriately to increase the entrepreneurial performance along the added value chain.

Change Management
Changes can not only be decreed but have to be lived together. Practical oriented solutions, higher motivation and identification with the company arise if the by changes affected employees are being involved in the process of change.


Volk Management Consulting combines competence and experience from the IT-consulting up to management consulting in a holistic approach.

Out of guidelines, goals and visions we develop intelligent organisation and IT concepts,
which are feasible and integrable. Within organisational structures and processes we identify potentials for improvement and design them more efficient. While doing so we take individual requirements of the company, its industry and its business environment into consideration.

Our goal is to accompany you on the way to success on the long term.