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Together with our cooperation partner we offer you consulting, conception and the implementation of selected add-ons and applications which have proven successfully in practice for many years, which are easy to integrate and which contribute to an efficient use of ERP-Systems.

Mobile Solutions
Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions for data capturing and communication became indispensable within today's business world but differ depending from the objectives from application to application and from company to company. In logistics and production e.g. simple and robust solutions are required, for mobile workplaces on the other hand, there is the need for technology, which allows access to enterprise data from any location.

Smartphone and Tablet

While in previous years the technological bases have been created, nowadays powerful and comparatively cheap devices are available and the IT-Architecture for "Managed Workplace" has proven in practice, the focus is now on the implementation of Mobile Business Processes. Strategically designed and with focus on concrete potential benefits, more and more companies consider the topic "Mobile Business" as an important component of the IT-Strategy and take it up in their plans.

Document Management
Document Management

Modern Document Management Systems, whether as standalone, coupled system or as integrated part of an ERP-System, include a wide range of functionalities which support to manage electronic documents, to avoid media breaks, to speed up processes as well as to reduce lead times and costs.

Typical processes, which already exist in many companies, are:


Processing and personalization of ERP-
   System generated documents
Electronic distribution of documents
Revision-proof archiving and versioning
Incoming invoice processing with automatic

Secured transmission of invoice data
Workflow to control approval and
   document flow
Research in operational application
Central organization and filing systems.

Increases in efficiency are not limited to in the ERP-System generated documents and data but can also be extended to entire business processes and be integrated into an overall and smooth document management solution.