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Business Process Management

Companies can only fulfil the increasing requirement of time, quality, costs and flexibility if they look at the change as a permanent challenge and a constant process. The change thereby comprises the entire company.

In the center of attention are the following aspects, which are at the same time a significant driver or rather the success factors of the business process management:

Visions & Strategies
Organisations & Processes
Persons & Employees
Technology & Tools
Culture & Values

Main objectives of the business process management as an integrated approach and method concept are the increase of the customer satisfaction as well as the rise of the productivity. Both of these objectives contribute to the increase of the company value and goodwill respectively.


Effectiveness & Efficiency
"Doing the right things right"

Effectiveness means "to do the right thing". The results of insufficient effectiveness are unsatisfied customers and employees. Efficiency means „to do something right”. At this point it is all about the economic achievement of the set objectives.

Essential characteristics of the business process management are:

The strategic and customer-oriented alignment of the organisation
The identification of the business processes which are necessary to fulfil the business
The implementation and control of the identified processes through effectiveness and
   efficiency parameter such as customer satisfaction, productivity, adherence to delivery
   dates, process time, quality and costs
The process optimization through methods and procedures such as Business Process
   Reengineering, Total Cycle Time, Kaizen/KVP, Lean Management and/or Six Sigma.

The IT is an important supportive component in this so defined business process and has a strong influence on the efficiency of the business processes.

Typical tasks within the framework of the business process management are, e.g.:

Reduction of product development cycles
Improvement of product quality
Avoidance of rejects
Increase of process capability
Shorter lead times in administration and production
Improvement of delivery capacity and delivery reliability
Reduction of stock
Reduction of costs
Improved customer service

Our holistic approach combines know-how and experience in the information technology with modern methods and concepts of business process management.
 the PDCA Model

The approach on the principle of the PDCA Model and the DMAIC control circuit to optimize existing processes is the basis for a systematic and fact-based project work with sustainable and measurable results.